CSR Ukraine Community is a social enterprise established in 2008 to promote and advance corporate social responsibility in Ukraine. CSR Ukraine Community provides access to the professional information on CSR to both companies and wider audiences, facilitates learning activities and projects and delivers professional services to interested parties. CSR Ukraine Community established as a partnership, currently with two partners and a network of collaborators.

Stakeholder Engagement

CSR Ukraine Community manages www.svb.org.ua portal, largest and best-known source of information on CSR in Ukraine. We engage with companies to collect practices, reports, news etc. Community’s blog provides a platform for CSR experts to express their opinions and a point of dialogue for those interested in CSR in Ukraine. In close collaboration with partners (business schools, NGOs etc.) CSR Ukraine Community organizes professional seminars, conferences, workshops and roundtables on a regular basis.

Information Provision and Analytics

CSR Ukraine Community is tracking CSR performance of companies operating in Ukraine. We are screening media, information from companies, NGOs, authorities and other stakeholders. With the expanding repository of information on non-financial performance of companies in Ukraine, CSR Ukraine Community provides analytics to interested parties, such as investors, professional bodies, international CSR groups and international entities. We also engage in research projects and activities.

Project Management

CSR Ukraine Community engages in projects, which help advancing CSR in Ukraine. Development of professional CSR teaching materials for Ukrainian Universities, management of the www.svb.org.ua portal, management of the waste reduction programme in Kyiv (Club A4) are examples of projects in CSR Ukraine Community’s portfolio. We are open for project-based collaboration.

Advisory Services

With extensive knowledge of CSR practices and scene in Ukraine, in-house expertise and an established network of collaborators, CSR Ukraine Community provides advisory services to companies, international organizations and NGOs. We can help to design CSR strategy in Ukraine, assist in non-financial reporting and manage cross-sector partnerships.


Volodymyr Vorobey, Partner
Yuliya Begma, Partner
Optima Plaza 1008
Naukova 7B
79060 Lviv
Drahomanova Str., 25/145
02068 Kyiv

Resources in English

The review of the non‐financial reporting in Ukraine was conducted in April‐May 2010 by CSR Ukraine Community upon the initiative of the Global Compact network in Ukraine. The research, for the first time ever, classified and analyzed all social reports, CSR reports, reports on sustainable development, UN Global Compact communications on progress (CoP) published in Ukraine. Download English summary of the review here: